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JX Ranch Natural Beef

Feed your family nutritious delicious and safe meat! No antibiotics, growth-hormones, grain or junk added.

Born and raised on our native pastures in New Mexico, harvested at a young age and dry-aged for two to three weeks, giving you lean tender and flavorful beef.

Beef Packs

We are re-stocked on meat but in limited supply. We apologize for the inconvenience but are doing our best to keep up with this unprecedented increase in demand for our beef. 

Custom Cut Beef

Save $$ and order your dry-aged custom cut whole, half or quarter beef. Priced per  pound of meat you take home, butchering paid for by us!

Beef Packs

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Convenient 10 – 30 lb beef packs – vacuum packed. Free local deliveries – ship coast to coast!
Active Military Discount!
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There is a reason that I drive 450 miles for your beef. Your beef is simply the very best tasting grass fed beef that I have ever had. And believe me, I have searched for beef of equal quality in both Arizona and Oregon, but nothing can match your beef. Incredibly good flavor. Every time I cook even a hamburger, I am just amazed at how much better the flavor is than other beef that I have had. Keep up the good work.

T. Flinn, Prescott, AZ

Mimi, I'm glad I remembered to re-order up before you were sold out.  I sure loved the beef I purchased last year and can't thank you enough for continuing to provide such a good and important product.  I like eating healthy and have tried other grass fed beef but none that compares to yours.

R. Hoskinson, Alamogordo

The beef that we bought from you this fall is excellent, as usual. I have tried several of the cuts and have been very pleased with all of them. Because of allergies and sensitivities to many things added to our foods, your beef is the only beef I can easily and comfortably digest. Thanks for making great food available to us!

C. Balch, Clovis, NM

I really like your beef. I'm surprised at the tenderness considering how lean it is. Good stuff! For me the best part is that you are raising the beef in a sustainable way that's good for the environment.
Scott Z., Peralta

S. Zwart, Peralta, NM

I  have had the opportunity to order different cuts of meat from JX Ranch over the past several months. A couple of months ago I ran out and decided to try meat from another ranch that delivers to the local area. I only ordered beef from there once, because the taste, texture and tenderness of the meat from JX Ranch Natural Beef is far superior and is worth the extra money. I highly recommend them for your natural, grass fed beef needs. I for one will not be ordering from anyone else in the future.

Beth H. Clovis, NM

It truly is the best beef I have ever had in my life. I grew up on a farm that raised and butchered cattle every year. They were pastured in the summer and supplemented with grain, fed a grain plus hay diet in winter and always finished off with corn. I thought it was the best beef one could have. It was better than grocery store beef, but did not come close to your excellent grass-fed, pastured beef! Yum-yum! Thanks for all you do in raising and getting these fine beefs to customers. Your customer service is excellent!

R. Grimes, Roswell, NM

We made our first hamburger patties last night for dinner! The spices you recommended and pink in the middle. They are even better than I remember. I had another one for breakfast, and am eating another one for lunch. I love love love beef and can't ever get enough... especially of this kind!
Thank you for what you provide!

Ronn & Cindy, Albuquerque, NM

I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I have been eating grass-fed beef for two years now, and what we got from you is the best we have tasted by far.

P & F Waller, Alamogordo, NM

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how wonderful your meat is. I ran out of meat while you were sold out, so I bought some grass fed beef from another grower. The taste and tenderness just weren’t there. There was no comparison to your beef.

K & R Beckner, Clovis, NM

I’ve been trying to like grass-fed beef for over 7 years now and until now, I just wasn’t sold. I’ve tried lots of different grass-fed beef from lots of different farms and I always have the same issue: while the flavor is great, the steaks are always too tough regardless of how they are cooked. I bought 1/4 beef from Tom and Mimi. and I’m in total shock – the ribeye I made was one of the best (maybe the best?) steak I’ve EVER had. I am a self-certified food snob and as such am well acquainted with some of the best steak available for consumption. It had all the flavor I was expecting from grass fed beef – but it was also melt in your mouth tender (due to the dry aging process). Not having all the fat was odd – for about a nanosecond! (shortened version; read full review on Testimonials page) beef.

A. Seegers, Las Cruces, NM

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