mRNA Vaccines

We have recently received several emails asking us about the use of mRNA vaccines in cattle. I thought we’d make a statement to answer any concerns you may have in this regard: First of all, JX Ranch Natural Beef unconditionally guarantees that we have never, and will never, use mRNA vaccines in our cattle, period.

Moreover, we do not use any form of de-wormer (pour-on, injectable, ingestable…) on our cattle, nor do we use any insecticides, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. By rotating the cattle in one herd like we do, they are never in one pasture more than a matter of a few days before they go on to the next fresh clean pasture (we have a total of 30 pastures on our roughly 7,000 acre ranch). By the time they come back around to a previously grazed pasture, it has been rested for well over three months, and any fly eggs have long since developed and the flies are gone. And, of course, we never, ever, use any antibiotics, nor any form of growth hormones, in our cattle either.

Also, independent soil testing has shown that we sequester more carbon than we emit, and we improve our land rather than degrading it. Our cattle graze an exceptional diversity of grasses and forbs – by leaving 90 – 95% of the ranch rested in a year (un-grazed), the highly desirable grass species have a real chance of growing a strong and vibrant root system. In pastures where cattle graze year-round or simply too long, these “ice cream” grasses never stand a chance. This contributes to the excellent flavor of our meat.