Order your Custom Cut whole, half or quarter beef

Dry-aged 14 – 21 days!

The Cut Sheets / Order Forms below are for Fall 2022 Custom Butcher.  

We offer two yearly custom butchers – In early spring and early fall we have our Beef Round Up when we harvest 20 (spring)  – 40 (fall) grass-fed/grass-finished steers (no antibiotics, growth-hormones, ionophores grain/corn etc. of any kind) for our customers throughout New Mexico, as well as neighboring States, most of whom are longtime loyal customers. We offer free delivery to Roswell, Alamogordo, Edgewood, Santa Fe and Las Vegas, New Mexico (we do not ship custom cut beef orders). We take orders until sold out, so be sure to get your order in early! Please call or email Mimi if you have any questions or need some help with the order.

The order process is simple; pick one of the two order forms here below; JX Ranch Package Order Form (whole, half or quarter beef) or Select Order Form (half and whole beef orders only), submit and pay the deposit – and you’re done! When the meat is ready (dry-aged 14 – 21 days, (our custom butcher (Fort Sumner Processing) determines the optimum aging for each steer) cut and double-wrapped (butcher plastic and butcher paper) into individual packages with your name and the content of the package printed, frozen, boxed up and total amount of meat weighed) I will send you an invoice through PayPal with the balance on your order. When we receive your payment we pay the butcher on your behalf. Your initial deposit of course goes towards the total cost of the meat. You only pay for the pounds of meat you actually receive; there is no confusing pricing based on “live weight” or carcass / hanging weight”! 

We are now sold out on our Fall 2022 Custom Cut Butcher. If you’d like to be placed on a waiting list in case of a cancellation, please email me at info@leannaturalbeef.com

You can now place your order our Spring 2023 Custom Cut Butcher which will be ready mid-March.   

JX Ranch Package Order Form

This is a simple, straight forward cut sheet for whole, half, and quarter beef orders with just a few choices to make.

JX Ranch Select Order Form

This form is for whole and half beef orders ONLY and allows for a wider selection of custom cuts.

Custom Cut beef in the freezer

Spring & Fall Custom Cut Beef Testimonials

There is a reason that I drive 450 miles for your beef. Your beef is simply the very best tasting grass fed beef that I have ever had. And believe me, I have searched for beef of equal quality in both Arizona and Oregon, but nothing can match your beef. Incredibly good flavor. Every time I cook even a hamburger, I am just amazed at how much better the flavor is than other beef that I have had. Keep up the good work.
Tim Flinn, Prescott, AZ

Once again, the meat is amazing. We did try some places here locally to avoid having a 16 hour round trip and while they were good, its just not the same as your beef. My wife even notices the difference and she really isn’t a beef eater. Tonight she asked for a steak (last time she asked for a steak was the first time we bought from you). My wife said we should order a whole for the Spring butcher now and just buy a larger freezer.
P. Waller, Selma, TX

I am so very happy with my beef. The flavor and quality is fantastic.
Thank you for your commitment to raise grass-fed beef and make it
available on-line.
R. Grimes, Roswell

This is our 4th side of beef that we have bought over the last several years, all from different ranches. JX Ranch beef is definitely at the top of the list for taste, tenderness and texture, the 3 T’s that we look for in our beef. The processor Tom and Mimi use does a very professional job cutting and packaging your beef.  One last thing; the customer service at JX is top notch also.  JX Ranch is a very real blessing to us and we hope to be able to do business with them this coming year. Thanks so much Tom & Mimi. Sincerely,
D & D Douglas Las Cruces

I just wanted to send a quick e-mail to you to thank you. Your beef is always the best quality and it is always  a pleasure to do business with you.
Mike L., Albuquerque, NM

Thank you, Mimi, for the delivery in Alamogordo. What a help this is. We are looking forward to enjoying your great beef again. Thank you again for the meat, the spatula, and the delivery.
Mack and Gayrene W., Las Cruces, NM

Your beef is by far the best we have ever eaten. We bought it to see if our sons could eat it (they have stomach issues with regular beef). They loved it and there was no stomach upset. My husband wasn’t in agreement with me buying it in the first place, but after he cooked up and ate the first set of burgers he was a believer. Thank you so much for caring for your animals and your customers.
T. Rodriguez, Los Lunas

I wanted to let you know that we are SO very pleased with the beef. We’ve tried a few different items so far and the taste is wonderful! I usually hate the smell of cooking beef, but not yours!
A. Goertz, Velarde

The beef that we bought from you this fall is excellent, as usual. I have tried several of the cuts and have been very pleased with all of them. Because of allergies and sensitivities to many things added to our foods, your beef is the only beef I can easily and comfortably digest. Thanks for making great food available to us!
Cynthia B., Clovis, NM

I am definitely going to order again this fall. We love the beef and the way its cut. Perfect.
Rob Hutchison, El Paso, TX

The beef is, as always, great! We are enjoying the various cuts of meat and learning new recipes is keeping us busy…the meat is too good to waste on bad recipes. 🙂 We appreciate your efforts, and will definitely be buying another quarter next year.
Jason R., Albuquerque, NM

We are enjoying our beef very much! The quality is exceptional as usual!
B. Atkinson, El Paso, TX

Every cut of beef from this cow has been very very tender. The beef almost tastes like the cow ate butter every day. LOL!!!! Very tasty. We are very pleased. Thank you very much for what you do and keep the beef coming.
R & L Aragon, Clovis, NM

Everything is perfect!! Thanks for making it so easy.
Kristi B., Glencoe, NM

How it Works

When your meat is ready – for the Spring Butcher usually latter part of March, and Fall Butcher latter part of September or early October – we will let you know how many pounds of meat you’ll receive, an send you an invoice for the balance. As a courtesy and to save you the drive to Fort Sumner Processing to pick up your meat, we offer free delivery (see details below) to meeting locations in Roswell, Edgewood, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, and Alamogordo.

On the order form, you have the option of a voluntary contribution of $10, $15 or $20 towards delivery – always appreciated, never required. If you cannot meet us at the appointed time and date, you will need to let us know ahead of time and pick up your meat from Fort Sumner Processing as soon as possible. Customers within an hour’s drive of Fort Sumner usually pick up their meat themselves, however, we can make arrangements to pick up and deliver the meat for you.

Many of our customers get together with friends or family to split a whole or half beef for cost savings. If you split an order with someone you both still pay the lower price per pound but can still submit your own cut sheet.

What it Costs

Our prices are all-inclusive; With us you pay for the amount of meat you actually take home and we pay the butcher on your behalf. No confusing “live”, “carcass” or “hanging” weight costs. Current prices, all inclusive, are $9.50/lb net for a quarter beef (80 – 110 lb), $9.25/lb net for half a beef (160 – 200 lb) and $9/lb net for a whole beef (300 – 400 lb). The range of approximate amounts is because the size of the beef will vary from year to year, depending on how hot/cool and dry/wet the summer is.

We recommend  you get your order in early. Let us know if you have any questions or want some help with either form. 

 Free Beef Delivery Information

* For our free beef delivery to Roswell, Edgewood, Santa Fe, Alamogordo and Las Vegas, NM – Please understand that we are offering this service as a courtesy and are not responsible for your meat – should anything happen en-route such as break-down, delay or accident, we will attempt to contact you by calling the cell number you have given us so you can come pick up your meat. So far we have never had a problem, but have to be realistic; things can happen. If you don’t agree to those terms, or cannot meet us at the appointed date and time, you can always pick up your meat at Fort Sumner Processing at a later date (as soon as possible though).

 What’s Included – Everything!

The price is per pound of meat you actually receive and is all-inclusive:

  • Life-long grazing on our native pastures and care (on grass, it takes almost two and a half year from conception until a 17-month old steer is ready for butcher;  from when the mama cow is pregnant, to giving birth 9 months later, raising the calf, to letting him finish growing up on grass…)
  • Livestock inspection fees
  • Transportation to our custom butcher in Fort Sumner – Fort Sumner Processing
  • Butcher’s processing costs (butcher, dry-age 14 – 21 days in a temperature controlled cool-room for ultimate tenderness and flavor, custom cut and wrap and label packages as per your instructions on your order form.
  • For us drive to Fort Sumner Processing and load your meat, then on to your meeting location – Edgewood, Santa Fe, Roswell, Alamogordo, Las Vegas. Local customers from around Clovis / Portales / Tucumcari pick up their meat at Fort Sumner Processing unless other arrangement have been made.


The various cuts on beef