The Difference

Where most grass-fed cattle are brought to two years + of age, we harvest our beef at 14 – 17 month of age. This results in leaner meat with wonderful flavor and tenderness. See what our customers have to say!

In addition, we ask our custom butcher to dry age the meat for 14 – 21 days for optimum tenderness and flavor. Dry-aged meat is a specialty and can be found in high-end steak houses, but it is an expense we would not eliminate as the full three weeks dry-aging makes all the difference in the world. Read more …

Aside from the fresh tasting beef, the health benefits of lean grass-fed beef are numerous – studies have shown that lean grass-fed beef is low in cholesterol, fat and calories, and rich in vitamin E and C, beta-carotene and Omega 3. In fact, a study by Penn State University found that a daily dose of lean beef is good for the heart and helps decrease the LDL cholesterol in the blood.

Our Promise

JX Ranch Natural Beef comes with our guarantee that it is hormone-free and has never been given any antibiotics, steroids, ionophores, insecticides, pesticides, animal by-products or chemicals of any kind. Our cattle are raised free-range on our native pastures on our ranch from birth to harvest and have never been confined in a feed-lot, and never fed any grain products.

We practice low-stress humane animal handling combined with holistic range management practices on our ranch. Reducing stress is very important as far as the quality of the meat goes, in addition to the fact that the cattle are nice to be around when quiet and calm. If they were to be stressed sufficiently, the adrenaline could toughen the meat to the point that no dry-aging can fix it. This is therefore a very important aspect.

Our mama cows are Angus/Criollo crosses, (Criollo is a heritage breed stemming back to the original cattle brought here by the Spaniards, that are very hardy cows).  They are naturally disease and insect resistant, and able to graze in steep terrain and protect their calves from predators (coyotes, mountain lions…). They are also smaller in size and “fit the environment” of the southwest well. We still have a handful of old Longhorn cows that are part of the family! We use high quality Angus bulls to produce a “meatier” calf, that then is harvested later in life. The bulls breed the cows naturally in the pasture.


JX Ranch Natural Beef

Feed your family nutritious and safe meat! No antibiotics, growth-hormones or junk added. Born and raised on native pastures in New Mexico, harvested at a young age and dry-aged for two to three weeks, giving you tender and flavorful beef.

So good… And so good for you!