Welcome to JX Ranch!

We are a husband and wife team, working side by side on our ranch south of Tucumcari, New Mexico, where we raise all-natural beef on our native pastures using regenerative, holistic range management methods. We are not a large company, just a family ranch wanting to share our good beef with you!

Tom was born and raised in south central New Mexico. His father was an old-time cowboy who worked on several large cattle outfits in Lincoln and Otero Counties. His family came to New Mexico in a covered wagon from Texas in the early 1890’s, and homesteaded in the foothills of the Capitan Mountains.

Tom served in the United States Army for two years. When he came back he graduated from New Mexico State University with a degree in Range Management. For many years, Tom managed several large ranches both in Southwest Texas and in South Central New Mexico.

In 1980 he was introduced to Allan Savory’s Holistic Resource Management principles, an intensive grazing and planning process, which he successfully implemented on these ranches. He is also the owner and Qualified Broker of Sidwell Farm and Ranch Realty, LLC, selling New Mexico farms ranches and other rural properties throughout the State. He is often a speaker on grazing and drought management at  events across the State.  Tom does range monitoring and grazing planning for the ranch, and when he finds time, he runs the bulldozer grubbing mesquite and juniper.

Mimi was born in Sweden where grew up horseback, dreaming of being a cowboy and riding the wide open spaces of the West. She never outgrew her dream, and went on week-long camping rides in Arizona’s Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly. 

In 1988 she was offered a position in Boston, MA. This was the opportunity she had waited for that would take her across the ocean permanently. It was not long before she found herself living on a ranch in New Mexico learning everything from fixing windmills, fences and pipelines, to caring for and working cattle, while also  day-working on other ranches. She attended cattle and ranch related seminars, joined cattle organizations, took classes (e.g. Ranching for Profit School) and went to meetings, but it was the hands-on experience that taught her the most. Mimi is now living her dream, getting her hands dirty and working hard alongside Tom. She handles the grass-fed beef operation and also takes in travelers who stay in their bunkhouse b&b for the night.

Together they have received several prestigious awards relating to their good stewardship and range management; 

  • 2023 New Mexico Aldo Leopold Conservation Award 
  • The Quivira Coalition’s 2010 Outstanding Leadership in the Radical Center Award
  • New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts Region VI 2015 Outstanding Stewardship Award
  • Society for Range Management Excellence in Range Management Award 2008
  • Upper Hondo Soil & Water Conservation District Outstanding Rancher 1991 & 1994
  • Goodyear/NACD Conservation Awards Award of Merit for Oustanding Accomplishments in Resource Conservation 1991 & 1994
  • New Mexico Cattle Growers Association Salt of the Earth Award 1993 & 1995 – Those volunteers who donate their time, energy, expertise and resources are the SALT OF THE EARTH

We recently received the 2023 New Mexico Aldo Leopold Conservation Award