Whole, Half and Quarter Beef orders.

    This Cut Sheet / Order Form is for SPRING 2023 Custom Cut butcher (meat ready mid March). The JX RANCH PACKAGE order form is a popular, straight forward cut sheet for whole, half, and quarter beef orders with just a few choices to make. This is the required cut sheet for quarter beef orders. when your meat is ready we will send you an invoice for the balance which has to be paid before delivery or pick up.
  • Important: For deliveries, it is imperative that we have a reliable phone number so we can contact you en-route to deliver your frozen beef. If we are delayed, have a breakdown or something else prevents us from getting to the meeting place, we will attempt to call you so you can meet us where we are detained instead. Please understand that we are offering this service as a courtesy and are not responsible for your meat – should anything happen en-route such as break-down, delay or accident, we will attempt to contact you by calling the cell number you have given us so you can come pick up your meat.
    We will send you an invoice for the balance on your beef order when the butcher tells us exactly how much meat you will receive. This invoice has to be paid promptly and before delivery or pick up. If you are splitting a beef with someone else, please choose "half a beef" and pay the corresponding deposit. Be sure to let me know in the comment box at the bottom of the form who you are splitting the beef with so I know to give you the lower price per pound.
    Please note: weather/road conditions permitting, we deliver on a Saturday. In the event of unsafe driving conditions, we may have to deliver on a week-day. If you cannot meet us on the delivery day you will have to pick up your meat at Fort Sumner Processing.
    We offer free delivery of your beef to Roswell, Alamogordo, Edgewood, Santa Fe and Las Vegas, NM, to save you the drive to Fort Sumner Processing to pick up your meat. You have an option to add a voluntary fuel contribution. Each delivery route is between 400 - 800+ miles round-trip, 7 to 9 hrs of driving time. With today's fuel cost, pulling a trailer load of meat boxes has become very costly at roughly 6 mpg. This contribution will remain voluntary - when given, it is very appreciated! Any contribution will be added to the balance invoice.
    You can request your meat to be vacuum packed for an extra $0.30/package butcher's charge with amounts to around $50 for a whole beef.

    Chuck Roast 3-4 lb each
    Arm Roast 3-4 lb reach
    Soup Bones

    Rib-Eye Steaks 1" thick
    Short Ribs
    Flank Steaks
    Skirt Steaks
    Top Sirloin 1" thick (yields 2 steaks)
    T-Bone Steaks 1"

    Sirloin Tip Steaks 1"
    Cube Steaks 1/2" thick, tenderized
    Rump Roast 3-4 lb OR
    Pikes Peak Roast 3-4 lb

    Stew Meat, 1 lb packages
    Kabob Meat, 1 lb packages
    Steaks are separated by a deli sheet so you can separate steaks while still frozen.
    Organ meats can only be guaranteed for whole beef orders. On partial beef orders the butcher will do his best to split up any desired organ meats.
  • Important:

    Please be sure to white-list our email address "info@leannaturalbeef.com" so future correspondence does not get caught in your junk or spam folder.
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